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Nachi Sendowski 19579 Carlton Avenue
Castro Valley, CA 94546-3200
  • Fourteen years of experience in software development, design, architecture, consulting and management, including large and small companies, partnerships, and startups.
  • Experience in growing development teams, including recruiting, training, and promoting use of architecture and application frameworks.
  • Experience in software engineering, development methodologies, software framework construction and use, engineering management, and business management.
  • Expertise in Web technologies, client-server, database, distributed components, development tools construction, and implementation methods, with strong emphasis on production worthiness, architecture design, object oriented software engineering and software re-use.
  • Extensive expertise with XML and related technologies. Published related work and consulted on major strategic planning, architecture and implementation of XML applications.
  • Featured speaker at several trade shows and user conferences.
The Enticy Group, LLC. – Castro Valley, CA May, 1998 – Feb., 1999 and June 2001 – Present
Managing Partner
  • Co-founded a software consulting company specializing in software architecture and application frameworks.
  • Lead design and architecture of consulting and development projects.
  • Designed and built custom Application Frameworks, a development tool consisting of XML data driven reusable objects to be used for database access, business process, security, and User Interface generation as well as User Interface handling for Web and client-server based applications.
  • Clients include ABN AMRO, North America; THAP! a pre-IPO care management ASP; Aon Corporation, a Fortune 500 company; Elsevier Inc., world leading publisher.
RelayHealth Corporation – Emeryville, CA (Previously Healinx Corp. – Alameda, CA) Dec., 1998 – June, 2001
Vice President, Product Technology
  • Co-founded and built an Application Service Provider (ASP) delivering highly scalable web application software for secure messaging in the healthcare space.
  • Conceived and developed product architecture using Microsoft technologies including ASP, VB, C++, COM+ and XML.
  • Built and managed development teams.
  • Delivered production releases.
  • Patented company’s intellectual properties. First named inventor.
  • Served as technical voice to press and analysts.
  • Engaged strategic customers and partners in a technical capacity.
  • Served as technical due diligence voice to the venture capital community.
Terrace Consulting – San Francisco, CA December, 1992 – May, 1998
Vice President of Software Engineering
  • Overall responsibility for technical lead throughout the organization.
  • Led design, architecture, and development of major consulting engagements in various industries including Healthcare, Finance, insurance and Enterprise management.
  • Staff education and management responsibilities.
  • Participated in pre-sales situations and helped the sales force in closing business opportunities.
  • Managed multiple large development teams in successful implementation projects.
  • Designed and developed a class library in VB, C++, and SQLWindows to encapsulate all SQL access and front-end development for Client-Server architecture systems. The class library is modeled after the Entity relation theory to easily link design with implementation.
Hewlett Packard – Palo Alto, CA June, 1989 – November, 1992
Software Engineer, HPTV Communication Network and HP Media Application Laboratory
  • Multimedia databases development and various R&D and prototyping projects exploring new emerging multimedia technologies.
Visual Basic Programmer’s Journal Jan, 2000 Making Use of XML (XML and Object Persistence)
XML Programmer’s Journal Oct, 1999 Making the Case for XML (XML and Structured Storage)
Visual Basic Programmer’s Journal Fall, 1999 Making the Case for XML (XML and Structured Storage)
Invited Speaker:
Mount Diablo .NET May, 2003 Enterprise Best Practices in a .NET Framework
Bay Area Association of Database Developers March. 2003 .NET N-tier Application Architecture
VBITS 2000 San Francisco Apr, 2000 Use XML for Data-Driven Web Applications
San Francisco Visual Basic User Group Oct, 1999 Using XML in VB
Silicon Valley Visual Basic User Group Oct, 1999 Using XML in VB
Centura International Developers Conference June, 1996 Developing Re-usable OO Wizards
Gupta International Developers Conference June, 1995 A Three-Tiered Application Success Story
Gupta International Developers Conference August, 1993 Developing Class Libraries
Gupta International Developers Conference August, 1992 Scheduled Backups for SQLBase in Windows Using C/API
Silicon Valley Gupta User Group June, 1992 Using SQLWindows with Multimedia
San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA 1986 BS in Computer Science, Magna Cum Laude